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Document E-signature and Encryption Services FAQs

  • 1. What are the signing services management functions does E-sign service provide?


    If you are the e-seal administrator authorized by your organization, your MeSign account will have the "E-sign service" menu, which provides e-seal management service (You can set which e-seal can be used by which employee), My e-Seal (Show which e-seal the user has the right to use, including the personal e-seal Token used for calling E-sign API and each e-seal has a unique SealID), E-sign API Management (Downloading the MeSign eSigning API document, and buying the E-sign API Times online).

  • 2. Why does the organization authorization letter only designate one e-seal administrator? What are the permissions does the administrator have? What is the difference between the e-seal administrator and the organization’s account administrator?


    According to related electronic signature laws, the documents and contracts that signed by MeSign Service have the same legal effect as paper documents and contracts signed by hand, so the e-seal management is very important, which is equivalent to the management of the organization’s physical seal. Therefore, each organization user must designate an e-seal administrator (designate an organization mailbox) in the authorization letter. This user is responsible for managing the 6 e-seals of the organization, and this administrator is responsible for authorizing which employee has the right to use which e-seal, and this administrator can log in to his/her account at any time to disable the e-seal usage right of any employee.

    The e-seal administrator is a different management position from the organization account administrator. The organization account administrator is the applicant when applying for the organization validation. This administrator is responsible for the managing the organization validation and employee validation (For example, if one employee has left the company, you should delete this employee in the employee management, then the system will automatically revoke this employee's certificate).

  • 3. Every organization has 6 different e-seals, which employees can use these e-seal? And is there a number limit?


    MeSign services provides 7 types of e-seal and e-signature: organization official e-seal, organization authorized e-signature, organization contract e-seal, organization employment agreement e-seal, organization financial e-seal, organization invoice e-seal and personal e-signature.

    The organization e-seal administrator can set which employee can use which e-seal in the system, and the usage right can be cancelled or disabled at any time. There is no limit to the number of users of each e-seal, and each employee can be authorized to use multiple e-seals of the organization. Since the e-seals can be used for stamping the electronic contracts and the organization documents, which has the same legal effect to the physical seals on the paper. It is strongly recommended that administrators strictly manage and control the use of the organization’s e-seals.

    Please note: In order to strictly manage the permission on using the e-seal, the administrator is only allowed to set the employee email address which has passed the email domain validation. The email address with other domain names that do not related to this organization account cannot be set as e-seal users.

  • 4. Why do I need to set up a Signing Approval Password? What should I do if I forget it?


    MeSign Service adopts the cloud HASH signing technical solution, which can not only protect the user's document privacy information, but also facilitate users on signing certificate management and reduce the cost of purchasing the certificates. In order to make users assure the cloud HASH signing methods is secure, the user must set a 4-digit Signing Approval Password when using the E-sign service for the first time. No matter using the E-sign service on the MeSign APP, users all need to set this password, and please keep this password in mind firmly.

    If the user has forgotten this password, they can use the MeSign APP to scan the code to log in to the user’s account on the MeSign official website first. Then the user can find the reset the approval signing password in the "E-sign service" menu, so that the user can reset the password.

  • 5. Can I check the usage log of the organization’s e-seals? And where can I check it?


    Yes, you can. Every organization has an e-seal administrator, who can login to the MeSign account and to check the usage log of the e-seals at the "e-seal management" in the menu of "E-sign service". Although the employee's right of using the specific e-seal has been canceled, the administer can still check the e-seal usage log during the time that the employee has been authorized to use the e-seal. The usage log includes the information about the date using the e-seal, the name of the file was signed, the HASH of the file, the name of the e-seal was used, etc.. In addition, the user who have the right of using the e-seal can check his/her e-seal usage log in the menu of ‘My e-Seal’.