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Document E-signature and Encryption Services FAQs

  • 1. What is E-sign API? What are the services does E-sign API provide?


    E-sign API is a HASH signing interface calling service provided by MeSign Technology, which makes users:

    Do not need to

    1. 1) Apply for a PDF signing certificate from CA,
    2. 2) Purchase an expensive password machine,
    3. 3) Modify the computer room,
    4. 4) Know how to sign with a certificate,
    5. 5) Purchase timestamping service,
    6. 6) Know how to obtain LTV data.


    1. 1) Generate HASH data for the PDF file to be signed,
    2. 2) Call the E-sign API signing service, and MeSign e-Signing Service system will automatically return the signed data, including file signature data, time stamp signature data and LTV data,
    3. 3) Simply write the returned signed data into a PDF file according to the PDF signature standard.

    E-sign API not only returns the three types of signature data required for document signatures in one call - document signing data, timestamp signature data and LTV data, but also provides e-seal data for users to write all signature data to PDF files at the same time, and also written into the file for visual display of the signature effect of the electronic signature.

  • 2. What are the requirements for calling the E-sign API?


    First of all, users need to purchase the MeSign E-sign Services and complete the identity validation. This is because Adobe requires that the identity of each signer must be validated. Secondly, to call E-sign API, you must understand PDF signature programming, how to generate the HASH of the file to be signed, and how to write the data returned by the API call into the PDF file.

    If you don’t understand PDF programming, you need to purchase the MeSign e-Signature System (software), which will complete all the signature work for you. The user just deploys this system on-premise, and the user only submit the file to be signed generated by the business system to the MeSign e-Signature System. With this system, users do not need any PDF programming experience for completing signing.

  • 3. Where can I download the E-sign API Call Guide?


    If the user has already purchased the MeSign Identity Validation Service, it is equivalent to purchasing the Document Signing Service. Logging into the MeSign account will display the " E-sign management" menu. The E-sign API Call Guide can be downloaded from the " E-sign API Call Management" section.

  • 4. What does the Token and SealID in my e-Seal list?


    Every organization has one token used for API call, to make the MeSign Service System know which account calls the API. The administrator of the e-seal can periodically generate new tokens according to management needs. The SealID is the unique number of each e-seal used for my API call. When the user wants to use which electronic chapter to seal, the SealID will be submitted to the API for me to sign, and my signature service system will sign the data and the electronic chapter The data is returned to the user together, and the user writes these two types of data to achieve a digital signature with a visual electronic signature.

  • 5. Can I test the E-sign API for free? How much do I need to pay for E-sign API Call Service? How to order it?


    Yes, in order to facilitate users to test the E-sign API Call, MeSign has provided 100 times for API call services to users who have purchased the document signing service for free. You need to purchase the times of API Call after you run out this 100 times for test. The purchase link is in this directory at the bottom, and the payment can be completed online. This is a pay-as-you-go service, and if you normally have large number of documents need to call E-sign API, please contact us for a discount offer.

  • 6. Why does E-sign API only submit the HASH of the PDF document to be signed, rather than submitting the whole PDF file to be signed?


    Answer: "Do not own the user's document to be signed" is the security bottom line of the MeSign E-sign Service. In order to protect the privacy information and business confidential information in the user document, the E-sign API does not provide direct submission of PDF file calls, we only accept the HASH data of the file to be signed used for digital signature.