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Email Encryption and Signature Services FAQs

  • 1. What is the Pro Edition service? Why is email trusted as important as email encryption?


    The Pro Edition Service is to provide the service by using the digital certificate containing the trusted identity information to digitally sign the email. It is a paid service. For example, banks send trusted digitally signed emails to bank users can make the receivers ensured the sender's authentic identity, effectively prevent email fraud, enhance online trust, and promote more business cooperation.

    Email trusted is as important as email encryption, because email encryption can only guarantee the email content will not be stolen illegally and the protect the confidential information of the email. If there is a fraudulent email sent from a fake bank, it will be more terrible if the email was encrypted, because it becomes much easier for users to be deceived. If you want your email to be trusted, you should sign the email with a signing certificate trusted by the email client, then the receiver can be sure of the sender's identity information is authentic.

    Therefore, although email encryption is important, the email trusted is more important than email encryption in some case, or at least they are as important as to each other.

  • 2. What is MeSign Trusted Identity Validation Service? Why do I have to complete the Identity Validation when purchasing the Pro Edition service?


    MeSign Trusted Identity Validation Service is a free service for Pro Edition service users. It is a professional identity validation service compliant with international standards provides users who purchase the Pro Edition service. All users who need to purchase one of the above three services need to provide identity proof documents to complete the Identity Validation.

    The reason why email can be trusted is that the email has been digitally signed by a signing certificate which contains trusted identity information. In order to make the identity be trusted, the identity must be validated by a trusted third-party. Therefore, purchasing email signature service pro must complete the Identity Validation. Once the identity is validated, MeSign APP will auto-configure the email signing certificate which contains the corresponding validation level of the trusted identity information.

  • 3. What are the differences between the Free Edition service and the charged Pro Edition service?


    After installing MeSign APP and setting up the mailbox in MeSign APP successfully, a free V1 signing certificate will be configured by MeSign APP automatically, and the user can start to use this signing certificate to send signed emails for free email signature service. This V1 signing certificate only binds the user’s email address, and there is no trusted identity information on it.

    However, the Pro Edition service provides user to use the signing certificate which contains the sender’s validated identity information to send signed emails. Once the receivers receive the signed email, MeSign APP will display senders’ identity information according to the information on the signing certificate.

    As the picture shown on the following figure 1, when the receiver received the email signed by a free signing certificate, MeSign APP will display ‘V1 Email Validated, Identity Not Validated’. As the picture shown on the figure 2, when the receiver received the email signed by a Personal Identity Certificate, MeSign APP will display ‘V2 full name, Identity Validated’. As the picture shown on the figure 3, when the receiver received the email signed by an Organization Email Certificate, MeSign APP will display ‘V3 Organization Name, Identity Validated and Trusted’. As the picture shown on the figure 4, when the receiver received the email signed by an Organization Employee Certificate, MeSign APP will display ‘V4 Employee name, Organization Name, Title, Identity Validated and Trusted’.

    Figure 1

    Figure 2

    Figure 3

    Figure 4
  • 4. My company has purchased the Pro service, will all the employees in my company be auto-configured an Organization Email Certificate for free?


    Yes, all employees will be auto-configured an Organization Email Certificate for free and there is no limit on the number of the employees. Furthermore, all employees can use the Pro service for free. At the same time, there are also automatically configured publicly trusted Vp Email Certificates and Organization Employee Certificates including employee name and title in subject for 10 employees. This service is absolutely well worth your money.

  • 5. The free auto-configured Organization Email Certificate does not show the employee’s name, if we want to show the employee’s name on the email, how can we do?


    Once the company purchased the Pro Edition service, MeSign APP will auto-configure a free Organization Email Certificate for every employee in this company. The Organization Email Certificate only displays the organization name, and it doesn’t show the employee’s name. It is because MeSign only validated the organization’s identity, not the employees’ identity. At the same time, 10 employees are also automatically configured with a publicly trusted Vp Email Certificates and an Organization Employee Certificate contenting the employee name and tilte. If you want more employees to have Organization Employee Certificates to display their names and titles, you only need to purchase more Employee Email Encryption Services according to the number of email accounts.

  • 6. Why should emails sent by all important systems, such as banking system, e-government system, etc. should have trusted digital signatures?


    The current rampant flood of fraudulent emails is often sent by the counterfeit banks which notify to update the user’s bank account or sent by the counterfeit government agencies which notify the law enforcement or other important information. In order to prevent and eliminate such email identity counterfeiting, the banking system and e-government system must send a digitally signed email to users using email signing certificate containing the sender's identity information, which can not only effectively prevent the email from being tampered with illegally, but also can effectively prevent the important email from being counterfeited, thereby ensuring the security of the user's bank account and preventing the user from being deceived.