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  • Big Data Application and Privacy Protection, Can't Have Both?
    This article analyzes the different characteristics of the five periods in the full life cycle of big data and gives the corresponding data security protection measures using PKI technology, and uses email data as an example to explain it, which can help readers clarify the big data protection ideas, it is worth reading.
  • What Can We Learn From the Success of Let’s Encrypt?
    This article analyzes the success of Let’s Encrypt and continues to provide the author’s insights on the topic of product innovation. The author has been engaged in the CA business for 15 years, but now re-understand the success of Let's Encrypt from the perspective of a software developer. It is a new and unique insight for a CA practitioner and software developer.
  • You Need Bread Instead of Flour or Wheat When Hungry
    This article is not about food, but about product development and product innovation. The topic of this article means we should provide users with products that users really need, not intermediate products. This of course is for Internet products. How to understand the real needs of users and realize product innovation is a real topic for every product manager and company management.
  • The future of cloud computing and cloud services
    People need cloud computing and cloud services, but in order to protect user privacy and business secrets, people can't just rely on cloud services. What should we do? The author puts forward his own opinions based on the company's product development practice.
  • The future of client software
    The client software is an independent software used to complete a certain task. For example, the email client software is used for sending and receiving emails, and the PDF reader is used for PDF reading. How to make the client software provide users with more services and realize the functions that a traditional independent client software cannot achieve? The author puts forward his own opinions based on the company's product development practices.
  • Internet privacy protection is an inevitable upgrade of Internet consumption
    Kaspersky published the "Privacy predictions for 2021" on January 28, in which the second point is: Consumer privacy is going to be a value proposition, and in most cases cost money. How to interpret this sentence, the author not only sees a business opportunity, but also puts forward his own opinions based the company's product development practices.

I use two explanations of “MeSign” as the subtitle of the CEO blog, which is intended to indicate that the content of the blog post is related to information encryption technology and company culture. The author has more than 20 years of experience in the IT industry, including CA, cryptography, software development, Internet and information security, etc., and have participated in many academic conferences in China and worldwide for many years, understand the differences between Chinese and Western cultures, learn about the latest technological frontiers, and have published many academic articles in newspapers and magazines. I firmly believe that my article will definitely bring some value to all MeSign users. Thanks.

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Feb. 15, 2021