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MeSign, Message encrypted and digitally Signed. This is our vision.
MeSign, I sign. It means we keep our promises. This is our culture.
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  • Zero Trust, Can Be Simpler!
    Zero Trust is very hot now, but it can be simpler! How simple? Use PKI! Not KPI. Because PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) technology was born to solve network trust! Other solutions just complicate the problem! This article allows you to avoid detours and save more money!
  • Interpretation of the RSA Master’s PPT - Cryptography as a Service
    How should cloud cryptographic services develop? Which cloud cryptographic services should be provided? Let us interpret the PPT of “Cryptography as a Service” presented by RSA master Peter Robinson at the RSA Conference for the first time eight years ago, we should know where we should go.
  • Timestamp, a Required Data Field in the Era of Big Data
    Now is the era of big data. The driving data of intelligent connected cars will be uploaded to the cloud. How to prove afterwards that the driving data is the original data and not the data "manufactured" by the manufacturer? This blog post gives the answer.
  • Postmail + Postmark, E-mail + E-postmark
    Everyone knows that all postal mail delivered through the post office has a postmark. So, why is there no electronic postmark for e-mail? The author takes you to discover a technical secret that has been hidden for 50 years.
  • The First Hurdle for Email Encryption is Certificate Application
    There are three hurdles in email encryption. The first hurdle is to apply for an email certificate. We must solve the first obstacle to achieve email encryption. How does MeSign Technology solve it? This blog post has a detailed explanation.
  • The Third Hurdle for Email Encryption is Key Management
    There are three hurdles for email encryption. The third hurdle is key management. Key management problems must be solved to realize automatic email encryption and decryption. How is MeSign Technology realized? This blog post has a detailed explanation.

I use two explanations of “MeSign” as the subtitle of the CEO blog, which is intended to indicate that the content of the blog post is related to information encryption technology and company culture. The author has more than 20 years of experience in the IT industry, including CA, cryptography, software development, Internet and information security, etc., and have participated in many academic conferences in China and worldwide for many years, understand the differences between Chinese and Western cultures, learn about the latest technological frontiers, and have published many academic articles in newspapers and magazines. I firmly believe that my article will definitely bring some value to all MeSign users. Thanks.

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Feb. 15, 2021