Case Studies

Update time: Nov. 11, 2020

Since the official version of MeSign APP was released on December 14, 2018, it has won the favor of users in 171 countries and regions around the world due to its original automatic S/MIME email encryption solutions.

As of Nov. 11, 2020, users in 171 countries and regions around the world are using MeSign APP to encrypt their emails, the specific country distribution map is shown in the left figure below. And 45.61% of these users use MeSign Windows Version, 43.56% users use the Android version, and 10.83% users use the Apple iOS version, as shown in the right figure below.

The following listed cases just for business reference to choose the right email encryption solution that need your business need.

Inspur group is China's leading cloud computing, big data service provider covering four large industry groups of cloud data center, cloud services & big data, smart city, and smart enterprises. Inspur offers IT products and services that satisfy the information needs of governments and enterprises in more than 100 countries and regions. Inspur is the 3rd largest server provider in the world and No.1 in China. It dominated the ERP market for 16 consecutive years, and e-government cloud service market for five years in a row.

In order to ensure the security of work email communication, Inspur Group requires all core management team and core R&D team (more than thousand) to use MeSign APP to send and receive work emails to ensure the security of confidential information within the company, especially for transnational email communication from HQ to worldwide office. Business communications are not allowed to use chat software or send cleartext email.

MeSign APP is chosen because employees do not need to do any additional settings. They only need to set up their email account to achieve email encryption automatically just like sending cleartext emails. Another reason for choosing MeSign APP is that MeSign APP provides three versions of Windows, Android and iOS. It is the only fully automatic encrypted email client on the market that can support computers and mobile phone.

Bangkok Bank is the largest bank in Thailand, which has a long history of supporting Asian business communities engaging in international trade, especially in Southeast Asia and China. Bangkok Bank China is 100 percent owned by Bangkok Bank.

In order to ensure the security and confidentiality of communications with high-end corporate users of the bank, Bangkok Bank China chose to use MeSign APP to exchange bank documents with corporate users through encrypted emails to ensure the confidentiality of confidential customer information. At the same time, it is planned to use MeSign APP to realize the encrypted communication of transnational working email between the Chinese branch and the head office in Thailand to ensure the security of transnational email communication.

In order to ensure the trusted identity of the bank itself and corporate users, Bangkok Bank requires both banks and customers to use the MeSign Email Signature Service Pro Edition and complete identity validation as required, so that every communication email is not only encrypted, but also contains the sender’s trusted identity information, to prevent fraudulent email attacks from fake bank and fake customers.

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