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Internet of Things Encrypted Communication System SolutionRealize automatic encrypted communication between things and things, people and things, the Internet and the Internet of things.

1. The current security risks of IoT communication are huge

The world of interconnection of all things has come, and the applications of the Internet of Things, including the Internet of Vehicles, are in full swing. However, there are huge security risks in Internet of Things communication, which must be solved at the beginning, otherwise it will be a huge disaster when popularizing applications in the future. At present, the following security risks mainly exist in IoT communications:

  1. First, the issue of transmission security. All kinds of IoT devices communicate with cloud servers using HTTP cleartext transmission, making these IoT devices vulnerable to attacks and affecting the normal operation of the equipment. Serious situations will harm human life and property safety. Some IoT devices are maliciously used in DDOS attacks.
  2. Second, data security issues. The data collected by the IoT devices are transmitted in cleartext, which is very easy to be stolen and tampered with, and data quality and data integrity cannot be guaranteed at all.
  3. Third, the problem of centralized data processing mechanism. Communication between the IoT devices basically uses a communication method that relies on a central server, once a problem occurs on the server side, the communication between the IoT devices will be paralyzed. Due to the huge number of interconnected things, centralized management should not be adopted, and information exchange and communication should be realized in a decentralized way that enables direct communication between IoT devices.
  4. Fourth, secure communication between people. Not only must the secure communication between things be considered, but also the secure communication between people and things must be considered, and it should also be a decentralized global communication, because people are mobile, and may live in foreign countries that need to communicate with IoT devices at home in real time.
  5. Fifth, the issue of the trusted identity of things. The Internet world is communication between people, and the security problems caused by the anonymity of the Internet have caused headaches and cannot be completely resolved. The Internet of Things is the communication between things. Now basically Internet security companies adopt the security protection measures used for the Internet to copy to the Internet of Things. It must not achieve the real protection effect, because the Internet of Things is a thing not human. To achieve secure and reliable IoT communication, the problem of trusted identity of things must be solved first.

The security of IoT communication is very important. We believe that if the above five security issues are not resolved, it will seriously affect the healthy and rapid development of the IoT. When choosing a communication solution for the Internet of Things, users must carefully evaluate the above security risks and choose the appropriate technical solution.

2. MeSign IoT encrypted communication system solution

The core technology of MeSign technology is to provide automatic email encryption and digital signature solutions. We have innovatively proposed an IoT encrypted communication solution based on the principle of email communication. The core idea is to let each thing have an email address; encrypted email is used to realize encrypted communication between things. This is a decentralized innovative solution that is very suitable for IoT communication. The specific content is as follows:

  1. (1) Each thing has a built-in MeSign IoT Edition and has an email address. MeSign IoT Edition is responsible for implementing encrypted communication with other things and people on the Internet and cloud servers through encrypted emails. This will solve the transmission security of the Things communication and human-to-thing communication. At the same time, because it is end-to-end encrypted communication, it also solves the data security problem of IoT communication.
  2. (2) The smallest management unit of the Internet of Things is an IoT mail server, a home IoT application as example, this IoT mail server can be integrated into a home router to provide email communication services for every IoT device in the home. The IoT mail server provides an email address for each IoT device and is responsible for the local circulation of the email of the IoT device or realizes the communication between things and people via the Internet and the communication with the cloud server. Of course, people can also send encrypted emails directly to a Thing to realize remote control of the Thing and obtain the status data of the thing.
  3. (3) Inheriting the decentralized characteristics of the email communication system, the IoT encrypted email communication system is a decentralized secure communication system, which is more robust than the current centralized system, allowing direct encrypted communication between things instead of relying on central systems in cloud.
  4. (4) In order to ensure the communication security of the Internet of Things, the identity of each IoT device must be authentic and trusted. This requires the construction of a cloud cryptographic infrastructure and automatically configures a signing certificate for each IoT device’s email address, this certificate is used to prove its trusted identity. And an encrypting certificate is required to be automatically configured to encrypt email communication. The email communication between each thing is digitally signed with its signing certificate, and the recipient must validate the signature and decide whether to accept or reject this communication according to the security rules. That is to say, things only receive trusted communications, thereby effectively resisting all attacks without the need for additional security protection modules. This is a very efficient and reliable security measure for IoT communications. Of course, not only communication between things, but also communication between people and things requires people to digitally sign emails with their signing certificate, so that the thing can automatically identify whether it should communicate with this person, so as to truly protect the thing from human attacks.

MeSign IoT encrypted communication system solution completely solves the security problem of IoT communication. It has applied for a patent. Interested IoT related companies are welcome to contact us to promote this innovative solution.

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