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Encrypted Communication Solution Based on Email Communication NetworkRealize global encrypted communication of text, voice and video, secure and confidential, and authenticity of identity.

1. The shortcomings of current communication methods

At present, with the popularization and application of mobile Internet, people can use many convenient communication methods to realize personal communication or business communication. However, as people gradually pay attention to the protection of online privacy and the security of communication privacy, all existing communication methods have some problems, specifically:

  1. First, Paper Letters. Writing letters is the best way of communication in the era when communication is still underdeveloped, and its advantages now seem to be many more meanings. From ancient times to the present, and only now in the 21st century, writing letters gradually began to be forgotten, and we have had a more convenient way to get in touch with people. People are grateful for the great convenience brought to life by the advancement of science and technology, and they gradually forgot the other deep meanings of writing letters. The disadvantage of writing letter is that the delivery process is too slow, even if it is an express delivery, the delivery will take the next day.
  2. Second, Telephone Communication. The telephone is a modern communication tool, divided into landlines (wired phones) and mobile phones (wireless phones). Although they have begun to be less used now, they are still one of the main communication methods, it is very convenience and can hear the other party's voice. The disadvantage is that the international long-distance call is expensive, and it can only be voice, and the other party cannot be seen. There are also issues that may disturb the other party.
  3. Third, Email Communication. Since the beginning of the Internet, there has been email, turning traditional paper letters into electronic letters, which can be delivered in real time via the Internet, while the content of the letters is still typed and written by users. It is completely free and will not disturb the recipient. Email can be text, files, voice and small video, etc. Its only disadvantage is cleartext transmission and cleartext storage in cloud, not in people’s hand, and there is no guarantee that the email content will not be illegally stolen or tampered with.
  4. Fourth, Instant Messaging. Also known as chat software. Since emails require the recipient to go to the mail server to receive them in real time, ICQ software has opened the communication method of online real-time chat, and some social media also have the chat function now, which is very convenient and fast. However, there is a problem of disturbing the other party, and it is a centralized communication method. The communication content is relayed through the service provider's server, and there is a risk of leaking confidential information.
  5. Fifth, Social Network. It is a form of network service with human socialization as the core, and it also provides instant messaging and information publishing functions, but it is no longer outside the scope of peer-to-peer private communication.

2. MeSign encrypted communication solution

MeSign Technology provides users with encrypted communication solutions based on email communication networks and email systems. It uses S/MIME digital signature and encryption technology to completely solve the information security problems of cleartext transmission and cleartext storage in traditional email communication, making people can use of the ubiquitous email service to realize secure and reliable encrypted communication. The details are as follows:

  1. (1) MeSign Technology has successfully developed an encrypted email client software-MeSign App, an application that can be used to send and receive email just like other email clients. Of course, it is not just an email client software, but an automatic encrypted email client software, making sending encrypted emails as easy as sending ordinary cleartext emails.
  2. (2) MeSign Technology has built MeSign Cryptographic Infrastructure consists of seven service systems: MeSign Certificate Authority (MCA), MeSign Cryptographic Key Management System (MKM), MeSign Public Key Exchange System (CDB), MeSign Certificate Revocation Status System (MCR), MeSign Identity Validation System (MVS), MeSign Timestamp Service System (MTS), MeSign Digital Signature Service System (DSS). These service systems in cloud work together with MeSign App to constitute the "Cloud" and the "Client" collaboration system to provide the secure and reliable email encryption and digital signature service automatically for worldwide users. In other words, MeSign App is not a traditional independent email client software, it is a user-oriented service agent which not only let users handle their own data locally to protect privacy, but also let users utilize the powerful cloud service for automatic email encryption and digital signature. This is an innovative solution that is the first in the world.
  3. (3) Users can use MeSign App to encrypt and send traditional text messages like writing letters, and also support encrypted sending of voice messages and small videos, including file attachments. It is an encrypted communication system and encrypted communication service that supports all message contents, effectively guaranteeing personal communication privacy and business communication confidentiality.
  4. (4) Encrypted email has the same value of family, friendship and collection as paper letters, but it completely solves the problem that paper letters are too slow, and it also completely solves the problem that paper letters are difficult to store for a long time. Encrypted email can be securely stored permanently in personal mailbox or business mailbox, without worrying about the loss and damage of paper letters.
  5. (5) Encrypted email can be set to be received in real time. The immediacy is not bad for instant messaging, and it can even be said to be better than instant messaging (chat), because instant messaging has the problem of disturbing users, and encrypted emails can be received when people are free or want to receive emails, it will be automatically received in the inbox silently instead of being passively interrupted, which will never be as annoying as instant messaging.
  6. (6) Encrypted emails are not only encrypted transmission and encrypted storage of messages, but also direct end-to-end delivery. They will not be transferred through a central server like chat. The central server may save and permanently own the chat messages, which cannot guarantee the chat messages proprietary and confidentiality.
  7. (7) Encrypted email can be permanently encrypted and stored in the mail server, but chat information cannot be stored permanently. If you need to save for a long time, you need to take a screenshot or copy and save it in your mobile phone or mailbox, and it can only be saved in plain text, which is incomparable with encrypted email.
  8. (8) The most important thing is: MeSign Technology provides a Free Edition service. Not only is the MeSince App completely free, but the automatically configured encrypting certificate and signing certificate are also completely free forever, allowing users around the world to make full use of the free email service to enjoy free encrypted communication services, to effectively guarantee the security of personal privacy and business secrets of Internet users worldwide.

MeSign Technology provides encrypted communication services based on email communication networks. The Free Edition service is a basic-level email encryption communication application that can meet the basic encrypted communication needs of people's daily life and work. We welcome you to purchase the charged encrypted email communication services according to your own life and work needs – Starter Edition, Pro Edition to meet your higher level of encrypted communication application needs.

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