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Committing to building a trusted paperless global partner ecosystem,
helping global partners and users to build business practices and solutions based on MeSign Cryptographic Infrastructure.
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  • 1.Office automation system developer partner programFully automatic digital signature and encryption for PDF documents

    Now, government agencies, public utility service agencies, and large and medium-sized enterprises all have their own office automation systems (OA). These systems are developed and provided by office automation system developers and providers. MeSign Technology invites these providers to cooperate with us to implement the fully automated digital signature and encryption of office documents for their users.

    Many office automation systems have generated many PDF files for business management or government services, but these PDF documents are not digitally signed, and there is no guarantee that the documents will not be illegally tampered with or counterfeited after being released to the public. Now, cooperated with MeSign, OA system only need to call E-sign API to implement the digital signature on the system generated PDF file, then the system sends the signed file to the end user or publish it. This will not only achieve document credibility, but also effectively prevent document identity counterfeiting and illegal tampering. According to the related electronic signature law, the digitally signed PDF document has the same legal effect as the handwritten signature on the paper. This integration not only greatly enhances the technical value of OA system, but also greatly facilitates the document users that users do not have to go to the service hall to collect paper documents.

    For classified documents in the OA system, traditional protection methods cannot guarantee that the documents will not be compromised. The most reliable solution is to encrypt it by using the encrypting certificate automatically by calling MeSign E-mail API to get the public key of the authorized reader after the OA system generates these documents. This encrypted file can be decrypted and read by Adobe Reader seamlessly and automatically on the authorized reader’s computer, but the unauthorized reader cannot open it even if he or she gets this file.

    Interested providers are welcome to join this partner program, and we will provide more details.

  • 2.Management information system developer partner programAutomatically send encrypted emails to end users

    Now, government agencies, public utility service agencies and large and medium-sized enterprises all have their own management information systems (MIS). These systems are developed and provided by MIS developers. MeSign Technology invites these providers to cooperate with MeSign to implement automatically sending encrypted email to end users to protect the confidential information in the email.

    The management information systems will send email to end user for the results of business processing, which are currently cleartext messages, which are very easy to disclose personal privacy information and business confidential information in emails. Now, cooperated with MeSign, MIS can call the MeSign E-mail API to obtain the public key of the user's encryption certificate after generating the user's mail content, and automatically send encrypted email to the user to ensure the security of confidential information in the user's email, which will greatly enhance the technical value of the solution, providing a more secure email delivery service. If need to prove the email sending time, MIS can also call the MeSign E-mail API to obtain the timestamp signature data and write it in the signed email when sending the encrypted email, which is used to prove that the mail sending time is trusted like the postmark.

    Of course, if there is a PDF file in the email as attachment that needs to be delivered to the user at the same time, you can call E-sign API to implement the digital signature and send it to the user to ensure that the document is credible and legally effective, preventing the document from being illegally counterfeited and tampered with.

    Interested providers are welcome to join this partner program, and we will provide more details.

  • 3.Email security gateway manufacturer partner programFully automatic decryption of encrypted email and email encryption

    At present, there are many email security gateway products on the global market, which mainly provide anti-spam, anti-phishing, anti-security threats, and integrated data protection functions. They are basically based on the analysis of the cleartext email contents to make corresponding security protections. These products are very important for email security, however, with the increasing popularity of encrypted mail applications, email security gateway manufacturers are faced with the issue of how to handle the encrypted emails.

    MeSign Technology has specially developed an email encryption and decryption product for email gateway manufacturers - MeSign Mail Encryption and Decryption Gateway (MEDG). The current email security gateway just needs to be modified slightly, then it can solve the issue of being unable to handle the encrypted emails. After receiving the encrypted email, the email security gateway posts the encrypted email to the MEDG. The MEDG is responsible for decrypting the encrypted email and returns the cleartext email to the email security gateway, then the email gateway can process this email as normal unencrypted email. Similarly, if the employee sends encrypted email and the email gateway needs to check, then just post the encrypted email to the MEDG for decryption, the MEDG returns the cleartext email to gateway for processing.

    MeSign Technology provides free technical docking documents and docking tests for partners. After completing the docking tests, the two parties can list the successfully docked product catalogs on both official websites for both users to purchase to achieve a win-win cooperation.

    Interested manufacturers are welcome to join this partner program.

  • 4.Key management system manufacturer partner programDocking MeSign APP to expand KMS to email encryption market

    The reason why MeSign Technology can realize fully automatic email encryption is because it adopts cloud key management technology to solve the cumbersome key management problems. However, for users who have higher security requirements for key management, they want to manage encryption keys locally by themselves, which requires users to purchase a cryptography key management system (KMS).

    MeSign Technology has launched a key management system certification plan for this. All KMS manufacturers can apply for docking MeSign APP certification, so that MeSign APP can automatically dock with this KM system to obtain the encrypting key to meet user’s requirement for key management, and help KMS manufactures to expand the email encryption market. After passing the certification, MeSign website will list all certified KMS manufacturers for the global MeSign users to purchase. Of course, manufacturers are also required to introduce on their website that their KM system has passed MeSign certification.

    Interested manufacturers are welcome to join this partner program to apply for certification, and we will provide more details and docking test documents.

  • 5.E-signature system developer partner programDocking E-sign API, achieve global trusted document e-signing autoly

    At present, the e-signature systems sold by manufacturers require users to purchase an HSM device and apply for a PDF signing certificate from CA to achieve document e-signature. This not only increases the user's investment, but also is not convenient for users to use, because users purchase e-signature system is for document e-signing, it is better to give user a turnkey total solution.

    MeSign Technology welcomes all e-signature system manufacturers to integrate the E-sign API into their system to provide users with a one-stop turnkey PDF document signing service without the need for users to purchase additional HSM device and PDF signing certificate. The signed documents are automatically signed by Adobe trusted document signing certificate to ensure the signed documents to be global trusted and to have global legal effect. E-signature system manufacturers are also welcome to integrate our e-contract signing service into their system to provide users with a one-stop turnkey e-contract signing service to meet the application needs of users to automatically dock business management systems to implement document signing and e-contract signing.

    MeSign Technology also welcomes PDF reader software developers to cooperate to integrate E-sign API to provide users with a one-click PDF document signing service, so that users do not need to apply for and manage PDF signing certificates.

    Interested manufacturers are welcome to join this partner program, and we will provide more details.

  • 6.Email service provider partner programProvide automatic email encryption service for email users

    At present, as a free email service provider, the original profit model was advertising, but in order to protect user’s email privacy, Google announced in 2017 that it would no longer scan Gmail email content for accurate advertising. Then, free email service providers need to look for other profit models. We recommend that free email service providers provide free email users with automatic email encryption services to protect the confidentiality of their email confidential information. This can be a value-added service for a fee, a new profit growth point.

    MeSign provides automatic email encryption solutions, welcome email service providers to integrate email encryption functions very easily as value-added service to bring new revenue. MeSign email encryption is based on S/MIME standard and is compatible with most email clients that support S/MIME encryption. This solution is different from solutions of encrypting email in a closed system by using a special protocol.

    For enterprise email service providers, it is also a new profit growth point to provide email encryption service for paid users, and it also enhances the market competitiveness of the fierce enterprise email market. MeSign Technology provides various automatic email encryption solutions to meet your needs. Enterprise email service providers can easily integrate email encryption functions based on the S/MIME standard.

    Interested service providers are welcome to join this partner program, and we will provide more details.

  • 7.Certificate Authority (CA) partner programMeSign APP trusted and expand the email certificate market

    MeSign has plans to launch a trusted CA program for global public CAs. MeSign APP will trust the email certificates issued by certified CA. Please pay attention to the official announcements in MeSign website.

    MeSign knows users’ pain on applying for email certificates and installing and configuring the email certificate and we have been the first service provider in the world to realize the automatic application and configuration of email certificates. We welcome the cooperation with global public CAs, so that all MeSign APP users can directly apply for email certificate in MeSign APP and automatically install and configure it to completely solve the users' pain. This cooperation will help CA to expand the email certificate market.

    MeSign Technology is honored to have reached a cooperation with Sectigo to provide global trusted email certificates for MeSign APP users, user just need to buy the Vp email certificate, then this certificate will be installed and configured automatically, then user can send global trusted email signature automatically and encrypt every outgoing email automatically.

    Welcome other CAs from all over the world to join this partner program, we will provide more details.

  • 8.Email client software developer partner programRetrieve public key automatically and install email certificate automatically

    At present, although some email client software already supports S/MIME certificate encryption, but users need to apply for email certificate from the CA, manually install and configure the email certificate on email client, and need to exchange the encryption public key with the recipient in advance. It is a very cumbersome process. This is the fundamental reason why email encryption cannot be popularized. The full encryption of email is the future technology and market trend, just as the industry has already realized to replace the cleartext http connection by encrypted https connection. Therefore, the current cleartext MIME email will definitely be replaced by encrypted S/MIME email, which requires the industry including all email client software developer to work together to promote the "email encryption only".

    MeSign Technology, as the first service provider to promote the "email encryption only", is willing to share the research results of email encryption and shared the email encryption infrastructure with other email client software vendors without any reservation, and to provide corresponding email encryption automation solutions for other email client software vendors, including but not limited to (1) Opening MeSign public key retrieve API to email client developers for free so that email client developers can use it for automatically obtaining the email recipient’s encryption public key to send the encrypted email automatically; (2) providing email certificate application automation API for applying mail certificate and automatically configures it for use; (3) providing email time stamping service for automatically timestamping every outgoing email.

    Interested developers are welcome to join this program, and we will provide more details.

Jointly promote “e-mail encryption only” to achieve win-win cooperation.

Jointly promote “e-sign document only” to achieve win-win cooperation.