Encrypt your PDF Documents using
certificate by MeSign APP

  • Download and install MeSign APP, buy E-sign Service Pro Edition.
  • The local computer encrypts the PDF document using certificate.
  • Adobe Reader decrypt and read seamlessly if authorized.
  • Use Signing Certificate to sign the documents after encrypted.

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Why the leak of the confidential documents happened frequently, because the document file has not been encrypted when be published or stored.

The data security management system in the organization is not enough for securing the confidential documents!

How to do it?

Converting all confidential files to PDF files and encrypt the files using the public key of the authorized person. This is the only solution to avoid the leak of confidential documents, because unauthorized people can't have the authorized person's private key, so the unauthorized people cannot open the encrypted file even they have the encrypted file in their hand!

How to encrypt?

You can use MeSign APP to encrypt any PDF documents by certificate on your computers. You only need to choose the person who is authorized to read the document, then MeSign APP will automatically use the public keys of the authorized person to encrypt this PDF file, so that the authorized person can decrypt it automatically and read it seamlessly. At the same time, you can also choose to add watermark to prevent the authorized person to photocopy or photography the confidential documents. All encrypted documents are digitally signed in the encrypting process to certify the document issuer, globally trusted and global legal effect.

Annually fixed fee, with unlimited number of documents encryption and digital signature.

Buy now (US$569.00/year) Unconditional 100% refund in 7 days guaranteed.

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