Call MeSign e-Mail API to Send
Encrypted Email by System Autoly

  • The business system calls the E-mail API to retrieve the public key for FREE.
  • Encrypt and send business emails to protect user privacy information.
  • Business emails sent by system should be sent encrypted!

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Does your business system send emails to your customers? bills, bank statements, etc.? Yes, but it is a cleartext email now.
Do you know sending cleartext email is not only leaking your precious customer information, but also it is not compliant? Which can also threat the security of your customer’s account!
How to do?
MeSign Technology open our public key database (CerDB) to public for free. You can call e-Mail API for free to retrieve the public keys of your users to send encrypted email by system automatically to protect your customer!

Contact us now, we will provide a detailed API document and related source code support!

Learn more about how to dock e-Mail API to send encrypted email automatically.