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Email Encryption and Signature Services FAQs

  • 1. Where is the contact person from in the "Contacts"?


    The recipients in your sent emails will be automatically added in the "Contacts". You can also save the senders to the "Contacts". You can also manually add contacts or scan QR code to add contacts. The "Contacts" are arranged in alphabetical order.

  • 2. Can I check the "Contacts" person's certificate public key certificate?


    If anyone in your “Contact” used MeSign APP, it has a padlock icon. You can view the public key information, it not only lists the identity certificate, but also list this person's all encrypting certificates. MeSign APP will use multi-certificate to encrypt the email, so that the receiver can decrypt the email using one of the encryption certificates. And you can click the email icon to send encrypted email to the contact after finding the contact.

  • 3. Can I scan QR code to add other MeSign users?


    Yes, you can scan QR code to add other MeSign users and go directly to the "Write email" interface. You can also add your own mobile phone number to your account information so that friends can automatically add your email and mobile number to the address book when scanning the QR code.

  • 4. How can I setup an email group? How do I send group email? Is there quantity limit on the group members?


    In PC version click "Contact", then click "+" icon to select "New group" to establish a new group. In mobile version, click The member from the Contact , then you can choose the member from the Contact.

    Please note: After you add a group member, MeSign APP will notify him/her, and he/she can choose to agree to join and to refuse. Before he/she rejects to be added, he/she will receive the group email. Only after he/she refuses to join the group, he/she will not receive the group mail.

    Once the group is built, it will be displayed in "My Group" and you can send encrypted emails to the group. There is no limit to the number of group members, but the number of people will affect the sending speed.