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Buy MeSign Employment Agreement e-Signature Service

Welcome to purchase the MeSign employment agreement e-signature service, a unique solution that highly protecting the privacy of employees. Click here for the service details. HR and employees must use MeSign APP to complete the electronic employment agreement signing, to achieve the entire process encrypted, and to meet the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements for employee privacy protection.

Contract E-signature Service

  • Business Pro
  • US$ 569.00 /Year
  1. Digital Signature (Identity validated required)
    Unlimited contract signing
  2. include: V3 PDF Signing Certificate (Valued: US$ 269)
  3. Employee identity validation fee: US$ 4.99 / employee
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Users need to purchase the MeSign Contract E-signature Service – Business Pro Edition and purchase the Employee Identity Validation Service for all employees. There is unlimited contract or agreement signing for organization and employees. MeSign provides the following eight valuable services:

  1. Unlimited contract signing under annual subscription: You will have unlimited times of initiating the employment agreement signing and other contract e-signing by using MeSign APP, and have unlimited times of various agreement and contract signing, and you will only need to pay for your annually subscription.
  2. Trusted e-signature or e-seals: MeSign provides 6 trusted organization e-signature and e-seals, it can be used for signing various types of agreements or contract, including official organization e-seal, authorized signer’s e-signature, e-contract signing e-seal, authorized HR e-seal, financial e-seal and invoice e-seal. There is no limit on the number of employees authorized to use the 6 organizational e-signature and e-seals. This service is only for Business Pro Edition users, Starter Edition users can set the e-signature by themselves.
  3. Trusted e-signature for employees: Every employee has trusted e-signature, which are used to sign employee agreement and other contract unlimited.
  4. Free email certificates for employees: Every employee will be configured an email signing certificate and encrypting certificate for free automatically, used for encrypting the whole process of agreement signing.
  5. Encryption applied on the entire signing process: The employment agreement signing is transferred based on the encrypted emails within the organization’s email server. Therefore, not only can the entire signing process be encrypted, but also the signed employment agreement can be encrypted by the certificate, to ensure the employment agreement can only be read by the signatory, effectively protecting the personal information and company’s confidential information, such as salaries, job etc.
  6. Legal effect worldwide: After signing the agreement, the agreements will be automatically signed with Adobe global trusted PDF signing certificate, and the Adobe Reader display ‘Signed and all signatures are valid’, the signed employment agreement have legal effect worldwide.
  7. Free timestamping service: All signed employment agreements all have been attached an Adobe trusted timestamp signature, ensuring the signing time of the employment agreement is trusted and non-repudiation.