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Use MeSign App to sign employment agreementLocal signing tool, end-to-end encryption, protect privacy.

1. Demand Analysis

At present, paper contracts have begun to realize electronic contracts, and the electronization of employment agreement is also a major trend. When enterprises choose which technology or solution to sign the employment agreement, they need to assess whether the solution provided by the service provider is suitable for the human resources management of the enterprise, and whether the personal privacy and enterprise secret involved in the employment agreement can be fully protected .

There are two important tasks of HR department: one is to issue and send the job offer to the selected candidate; the other is to sign the employment agreements or confidentiality agreement with the onboarding employees. Different from the business agreement signing, the employment agreement is the signing actions between the employer and the employee which is part of the internal agreement signing. It has two main features:

  1. (1) Highly confidential information is included in the agreement: Employment agreement is the type of agreements that contains the personal confidential information such as the passport number, home address, salary, position and reward and the company polices, which is not recommended to use the public commercial eSigning service providers for this scenario. It is because these platforms require companies to post the original contract or agreement to be signed to the e-signing platform so that these confidential information on the agreement has the risk to be disclosed.
  2. (2) Fewer signing volume than sales agreements: The employment agreement signing may be not used every day, so it is not necessary to purchase and deploy an on-premise e-contract signing system to complete the employment agreements.

That is to say, the employment agreement signing should meet two conditions: first, signing process should be private and should be finished without leaving the company's internal system, and it would be better to encrypt the whole process of signing for adding additional security layer; second, it should be cost-efficient and simple-to-use; otherwise, it would be better to sign a paper agreement by hand. The good solution should meet these two conditions.

2. MeSign Solution

MeSign E-sign Service provides APP Local Signing, API Cloud HASH Signing, Local e-Signature System Batch Signing solutions to meet different kinds of eSigning scenarios. This solution is aimed at employment agreement signing, especially designed for the users who are looking for convenient and low-cost online employment agreement signing, which is very suitable for signing employment agreements of various sizes of companies and institutions.

The Enterprise Employment Agreement Signing solutions launched by MeSign Technology can fully meet the conditions analyzed in above. First, the agreement signing process is circulated through enterprise emails within the enterprise, and the original agreement won’t be posted to any e-signing platform, protecting the employee’s personal private information and the company’s confidential information; second, the annual service fee is affordable and user-friendly for SMEs. Users can start the agreement signing instantly by installing the MeSign App, just one APP, instead of deploying the complicated system or developing any integration program. This is the solution that every HR elite is looking for.

MeSign Employment Agreement Signing Service require the HR specialists need to:

  1. (1) Install the MeSign App on office computers and configure the corporate email account on MeSign App.
  2. (2) Purchase the E-sign Service Business Pro Edition (Contract E-signature Service) and buy the employee identity validation service.
  3. (3) Set up the HR e-seal or e-signature for signing agreement.

For employees, they only need to install the MeSign App, configure the corporate email account and complete the employee identity validation.

HR uses MeSign App to initiate the employment agreement signing and sends it by encrypted emails including confidentiality agreements and other types of agreements to the employees. After receiving the email, the employee just simply right-click the "Sign" menu on the attachment of the email, then previewing the agreement, click the "Sign" button to complete the employment agreement. The whole process is simple, secure and reliable because every part of the signing process is transferred by encrypted email.

As the picture below shows, the HR specialists and the employee all need to use MeSign App to sign the electronic employment agreement to ensure the entire process of the agreement signing is encrypted and to protect the employee’s private information and company’s salaries information effectively.

3. Services Details

User can choose the E-sign Service Business Pro Edition (Contract E-signature Service) and purchase the Employee Identity Validation Service for all employees. MeSign provides the following seven valuable services:

MeSign provides the following seven valuable services:

  1. (1) Unlimited contract signing under annual subscription: You will have unlimited times of initiating the employment agreement signing and other contract e-signing by using MeSign App, and have unlimited times of various agreement and contract signing, and you will only need to pay for your annually subscription. There is no need to pay any fees for subsequent signing of e-contracts with any other parties using the MeSign E-Sign Service.
  2. (2) Trusted e-signature or e-seals: MeSign provides 6 trusted organization e-signature and e-seals, it can be used for signing various types of agreements or contract, including official organization e-seal, authorized signer’s e-signature, e-contract signing e-seal, authorized HR e-seal, financial e-seal and invoice e-seal. There is no limit on the number of employees authorized to use the 6 organizational e-signature and e-seals.
  3. (3) Trusted e-signature for employees: Every employee has trusted e-signature, which are used to sign employee agreement and other contract unlimited.
  4. (4) Free email certificates for employees Every employee will be configured an email signing certificate and encrypting certificate for free automatically, used for encrypting the whole process of agreement signing.
  5. (5) Encryption applied on the entire signing process: The employment agreement signing is transferred based on the encrypted emails within the organization’s email server, effectively protecting the personal information and company’s confidential information, such as salaries, job etc.
  6. (6) Legal effect worldwide: After signing the agreement, the agreements will be automatically signed with Adobe global trusted PDF signing certificate, and the Adobe Reader display ‘Signed and all signatures are valid’, the signed employment agreement have legal effect worldwide.
  7. (7) Free timestamping service: All signed employment agreements all have been attached an Adobe trusted timestamp signature, ensuring the signing time of the employment agreement is trusted and non-repudiation.

4. MeSign Solution Advantages

The employment agreements signed by MeSign App have the same legal effect as the paper agreement signed by handwritten. This solution has eight exclusive advantages:

  1. (1) Protect confidential information in the employment agreement: Use MeSign App to sign the agreement, the original employment agreement will be transferred within the enterprise email server. The user will not be required to post the employment agreement contains the highly confidential information to any e-signing service platform, protecting the confidential information in the employment agreement effectively. However, currently, most of e-signing platforms require users to upload the original employment agreement to the signing platform. This is an unacceptable solution for companies who considered protecting the employee privacy information or corporate confidential information is very important. In any case, it must ensure that the agreement signing service platform should not keep the original employment agreement documents of the users.
  2. (2) Reduce cost by combining local signing and cloud management: Users use the MeSign App to achieve digital signing of documents that no need to post the employment agreement to any e-signature service platform, combined with cloud signing management, which not only ensures that the confidential information in the employment agreement will not be leaked, but also reduce the cost on deploying complex and expensive hardware and software system.
  3. (3) The identity of the signatory of the employment agreement is trusted: The authentic identity of each signer is validated in accordance with international standards, which not only ensures the credibility of the company’s identity and the credibility of the employees, but also that each signing certificate used for digital signature is Adobe's global trusted PDF signing certificate containing corporate and employee identities ensures global trusted.
  4. (4) The signing behavior is auditable, traceable and non-repudiation: The signing behavior is based on the agreement between the company and the employees on signing the employment agreement in electronic form. Two signing parties are required to expressly agree to sign before completing the agreement signing process, adopting digital certificate technology and timestamping signing technology can guarantee the behavior of the agreement signing is auditable and non-repudiation.
  5. (5) Global legal effect: Due to the agreements are signed by the Adobe global trusted signing certificate for digital signature, it ensures the signed agreements have the legal effect in the world. At the same time, MeSign e-Signing Service attached the reason for signing in each agreement file automatically, clearly declared that all agreement signatories recognize the legal effect of this contract signing.
  6. (6) Validate the signed agreement instantly: The signature validation has been completed instantly when the user opens the signed agreement file by Adobe Reader, and the Reader will display "Signed and all signatures are valid" on the first line of Adobe Reader. It greatly facilitates the signature validation process for all relevant parties (contract signatories and relevant relying parties) that it is no need to verify the signature to any verification system to validate the e-signature.
  7. (7) Add watermark protection automatically: When the agreement is initiated, the email address of the signatory is attached to the copy of the agreement for each signatory as an anti-screenshot and anti-photograph protection. This can effectively track the path of leakage of the confidential agreement information to reduce the risk of the leakage. This protection measure makes MeSign Solution more secure than the traditional paper agreement signing, and effectively solves the risk of the paper agreement being leaked by photocopying.
  8. (8) Auto-configure the signing certificate: The digital certificate signing technology is used for completing the digital signature on the agreement, and users do not need to apply for a PDF signing certificate from a CA. They can complete the digital signature of agreement automatically by using MeSign App. MeSign e-Signing Service will auto-configure the PDF signing certificate for each user for digital signing. The PDF signing certificate use 2048-bit SHA-2 signature algorithm. The signed agreements are attached with Adobe global trusted timestamp signature, proving the trusted time of each agreement signing. In addition, the signed agreements support Adobe LTV (Long Term Validation) to ensure that the signatures of the signed agreements are still valid for a long time even the signing certificate has expired.

Welcome to select the MeSign solutions that encrypt the entire process of signing the agreement. In addition, it can also guarantee the signed employment agreement will be stored with encryption in employees’ email account. This solution can meet the requirements on employee privacy information protection regulated by General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Click here to download the signed employment agreement sample .