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Internet Privacy Protection is an Inevitable Upgrade of Internet Consumption2021.02.15

Kaspersky published the "Privacy predictions for 2021" on January 28, in which the second point is: Consumer privacy is going to be a value proposition, and people are more and more willing to choose services that have at least a promise of privacy, and even pay for them. Security vendors are promoting privacy awareness, backing it with privacy-oriented products; some services show they can have a sustainable business model while leaving you in control of your data.

I believe that the era of only satisfying users who can use the Internet services is over, and the era of Internet consumption upgrades has come, that is, while satisfying to provide users with Internet services, we must focus on solving privacy protection issues so that users can use them with confidence. Such as email service, because the email contains a lot of personal private information and business secret information, if the email service provider is limited to providing email services, it can no longer meet the users' increasing needs for the privacy protection of email content, users need the end-to-end encryption of email services and save the email content in ciphertext in the cloud server. If the email service provider cannot provide it, it will be abandoned by users and turn to a service provider that can provide users with end-to-end email encryption services.

There are also for e-signature services. Users are indeed enjoying the convenience of electronic signature services, but they have also begun to worry about the security of the confidential information in the documents and electronic contracts they have signed. People must first upload the document to be signed to e-signature system in the cloud for the completion of electronic signatures, which make user worry about the confidential information leakage of the document and contract. If the e-signature service provider cannot solve this user's concern, it will definitely be abandoned by the user and turn to an e-signature service provider that can effectively protect the user's privacy information and business secret information without uploading the document to be signed.

Internet Privacy Protection is an Inevitable Upgrade of Internet Consumption

As the first paragraph of MeSign Privacy Policy says: Respect for your privacy is coded into our DNA. Since we started to develop MeSign APP, we have aspired to build our services with a set of strong privacy principles in mind. For the second largest Internet traffic and the first Internet application - email service, MeSign Technology provides an innovative solution - MeSign App and MeSign Cryptography Infrastructure work together to let users to not rely on any email information security protection measures provided by email service provider, to realize global trusted fully automatic end-to-end email encryption and digital signature, ensuring that the email content is encrypted for sending and receiving after being generated, and stored in ciphertext on the user's mail server, the security of the entire life cycle of the email content is thus guaranteed.

There is also for e-signature service. In order to protect user document privacy, MeSign Technology innovatively splits the digital signature process into two parts – HASH signing and signature completing. MeSign App generates the HASH of the file to be signed on the user’s computer, and only post the HASH data to the cloud e-signing service system and return the signed data to MeSign App after the HASH signature is completed, then MeSign App completes the digital signature on the user's local computer. The “cloud” and “client” work together to complete the digital signature. This is the innovative MeSignDoc service. The combination of MeSign App and MeSign Cryptographic Infrastructure realizes global trusted document digital signature service, which guarantees MeSignDoc service does not touch the user's document to be signed, and effectively guarantees the security of the personal privacy and business secret information in the documents and contracts.

Just as people begin to pursue the spiritual life needs after meeting their basic material needs, people may endure "privacy lost in exchange for convenience or efficiency" when they start using the Internet, but with the popularization and application of Internet services, people have started not satisfied with only using Internet services but hope to use Internet services that can actually protect user privacy! If Internet service providers cannot recognize this trend of Internet consumption upgrades in time, they will be abandoned by Internet users! Internet privacy protection is an inevitable upgrade of Internet consumption!

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