MeSign Timestamping Products and Services

Authoritative time source, global trusted timestamping certificate, RFC 3161 compliant, global legal effect
MeSign Technology has built the MeSign Cryptographic Infrastructure to provide global users with information encryption and digital signature services based on PKI technology. One of the important services is the timestamping service, which provides Adobe global trusted timestamping service for MeSign email digital signature service and MeSignDoc e-document digital signature service, following the international standard RFC3161.
  • MeSign Email Encryption Timestamping Service

    Provide free email timestamp service for MeSign App worldwide users to prove that the sent time of email is trusted, non-tamperable and non-repudiation, including the Free Edition, Starter Edition and API Edition of email encryption and digital signature services.

    At present, the daily usage exceeds 1 million times, and more than 10 million times at peak times.

  • MeSignDoc Digital Signature Timestamping Service

    Provide free document timestamp service for MeSignDoc worldwide users to prove that the digital signature time of document or contract is trusted, non-tamperable and non-repudiation, including the Starter Edition, Pro edition, and API Edition of the document digital signature service.

    At present, the daily usage exceeds 100,000 times, and more than 1 million times at peak times.

  • Blockchain/Copyright Application Timestamping Service

    Provide reliable, high-traffic concurrent timestamp service for professional users such as blockchain application providers, copyright protection service providers, electronic forensics service providers, and electronic contract signing service providers.

    At present, the daily usage exceeds 10 million times, and more than 80 million times at peak times.

  • Free timestamping service for Adobe Reader users

    Provide Adobe global trusted document digital signature timestamp service for non-MeSign users for free, but each IP address is limited to 20 calls per day.

    Free trial URL: http://tsa.mesign.com

  • Timestamping Service for MeSignDoc digital signature solutions

    Provide timestamp service for users who deploy MeSign E-signature Box and E-signature System. Users can purchase service packages with an annually unlimited use or with different limited use packages.

  • MeSign Timestamping System and Timestamping Certificate

    Provide timestamp system hardware and software products and related solutions for users who need to deploy timestamp services locally, and issue Adobe global trusted timestamp certificates for the timestamp service system, providing users with a one-stop shop timestamp service turnkey project.

MeSign timestamp service adopts multiple authoritative time source and hosted by leading cloud service provider. It follows international standard RFC 3161, and complies with the related electronic signature laws, provide global trusted and global legal effect timestamp services for e-government services and e-commerce services, and provide trusted proof of time for all types of electronic data and electronic documents. Welcome to use our timestamping services. Contact number: +44-20-7993-8937.

  • Authoritative and accurate time guarantee

    Use multiple trusted time sources to ensure the credibility of the time source.

  • Follow international standards

    Meet compliance requirements, timestamp signature data is trusted by Adobe.

  • High standard operating system

    High-security physical facilities, professional and reliable operation team, provide 7×24 hours operation and high-quality customer support.

MeSign Timestamping Services, your reliable timestamp service provider!