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MeSign Zero Trust Document Security SolutionNo signature, No trust; No encryption, No trust; for all documents.

All walks of life are achieving comprehensive paperless management. However, current electronic documents have security problems such as plaintext transmission, plaintext storage, and inability to prove identity, which has led to frequent leaks of internal confidential documents, causing irreparable losses to enterprises; and various fake government documents are flooding, this makes many users deceived. Therefore, to achieve truly secure and trusted paperless management, these security issues must be resolved. To solve these problems, several e-signature service providers have emerged to provide users with electronic contract signing and document signing services. This indeed solves the trust problem of electronic documents and makes electronic contract signing also have the same legal effect.

But if you analyze the current situation with the concept of Zero Trust, you can find two major problems: First, if users can distrust any documents without digital signatures, they will not be deceived by fake government documents; Second, the electronic signature service provider requires users to upload the original electronic contract to the e-signature platform. Users have reason to suspect that the confidential information in the contract may be illegally leaked. How should the e-signature service provider answer users’ concerns and suspicions?

Zero trust is a hot security concept and security strategy that can completely solve document trust and security issues! MeSign Technology has found a perfect solution through years of hard work. A Zero Trust document security solution based on PKI technology can solve the document security problem. According to the concept of Zero Trust, document security can be ensured if the following three points can be achieved:

  1. (1) Do not trust a document without digital signature, because a document without a digital signature is not trusted even if it has an electronic seal of a organization, because the claimed organization name and electronic seal can be forged very easily, only digital signature can guarantee the authenticity of the identity of the document publisher.
  2. (2) Do not trust so-called "confidential" documents without encryption, because plaintext documents cannot guarantee that confidential information will not be illegally disclosed, especially when these "confidential" documents are stored in cloud disks or cloud service systems. If the so-called "confidential" documents are not encrypted, there is no guarantee that the contents of the documents have not been illegally tampered with, and the authenticity of the contents of the documents cannot be guaranteed.
  3. (3) Do not trust that the e-signature service provider is "very secure" because the document or electronic contract has been uploaded and leaked to the contract irrelevant parties, and no one can guarantee that it will not be illegally leaked. In particular, they are stored in the cloud server in plaintext, and there is no guarantee that the content of the document will not be illegally used or illegally disclosed.

MeSign Zero Trust document security solution can completely solve the document security problem, mainly through the following three aspects of technical measures to ensure document security:

  1. (1) All documents must have digital signatures and use Adobe global trusted document signing certificates to achieve digital signatures, global trust and global legal effect.
  2. (2) All confidential documents are encrypted with the public key of the authorized reader, and only authorized readers can decrypt and read it with their private key. This is the secure and most effective technical means to prevent the leakage of confidential documents. It must not be considered that the circulation of confidential documents on the intranet is safe. According to the principle of Zero Trust, the intranet is also untrustworthy, and every confidential document must be encrypted to ensure the security of the document.
  3. (3) It is still the principle of not trusting e-signature service providers. MeSign do not require users to upload the original document to be signed to the digital signature service platform, only the HASH of the document is posted. The cloud digital signature service system only signs the HASH data, and the local e-signature tool software completes the digital signature on the user's local computer. Only in this way can the confidential information of the document be truly protected from being leaked to irrelevant third parties, and the document security can be truly protected.

In fact, Adobe Reader already provides document digital signature services. Users need to apply for a document signing certificate from a CA trusted by Adobe. Users also need to find free or paid time stamping service providers before they can use the reader to manually implement document digital signature. This realization process is very complicated, and the digital signature of documents has not yet been widely used.

MeSign Technology has built the MeSign Cryptographic Infrastructure, and at the same time has developed the e-signature tool software-MeSign App. The "cloud" and "client" work together to realize the automatic configuration of document signing certificates and document encryption certificates for users. Fully automatic document digital signature can be realized on the local computer, without the need to upload the original document and contract to be signed to the e-signature platform to realize digital signature. And users can also use MeSign App to realize automatic document encryption. The core is to completely solve the cumbersome key management problem, so that users can use any device to obtain encryption keys for decrypting encrypted documents anytime, anywhere. And no need to exchange public keys in advance, user can directly use MeSign App to encrypt documents because we have built a public key exchange system. MeSign App can automatically connect to the cloud public key exchange system to obtain the encrypted public key of the authorized reader to encrypt the document.

And, in order to meet the needs of government agencies, financial institutions, large enterprises that want to connect with business management systems to achieve full automatic document digital signatures in batches, MeSign Technology has developed an electronic signature system (E-signature Box), users only need to deploy the electronic signature system on the intranet to connect to the business system and submit the PDF documents automatically generated by the business system to the electronic signature system. The electronic signature system automatically completes the digital signature and encryption of the document (according to business needs), to realize the trusted and secure management of documents in the business management systems.

MeSign Technology adopts the concept of Zero Trust, does not trust documents without digital signatures, and does not trust documents without encryption. The use of PKI technology and cloud cryptographic services completely solves the easy-to-use problem of digital signature and encryption of documents, allowing users to use MeSign App, E-sign API or electronic signature system to easily implement digital signature and encryption of documents. MeSign Technology let every document to have a digital signature and trusted identity, completely eliminating document fraud! And let every document be encrypted into ciphertext with a certificate to completely prevent document leaks!