MeSince Time Stamp Authentication Platform

  • Intellectual Property Protection
  • Digital works protection
  • Electronic evidence solidification
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MeSince timestamp authentication service content

MeSince timestamp authentication platform can perform timestamp authentication for electronic works, original drawings, photographic pictures, electronic evidence, electronic files, electronic contracts and other electronic data, so as to solve the problem of difficulty in providing evidence when defending parties encounter legal disputes.

MeSince Time Stamp Authentication is an electronic certificate issued by MeSince Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. It is used to prove when the electronic data applied for authentication was created. It is a legally recognized electronic certificate and has been used in a large number of judicial precedents. Get practiced.

MeSince timestamp authentication advantages

Judicial approval

Comply with the law, judicial acceptance

Fast certification

Fast certification Fast certification


5 yuan each time, large discount

Easy to use

Both web and API interfaces can apply for timestamp authentication

MeSince timestamp authentication process

Upload files
Timestamp authentication
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