The Refund and Renewal Policy for MeSign Products

1. Providing high-quality products and services to users is the consistent commitment of MeSign Technology. The following refund policy of MeSign products is specifically formulated below:

  1. (1) Charged services: Starter Edition, Pro Edition: We provide 100% unconditional order cancellation and payment refund within 7 days from the date the user ordered, but we do not offer refund after 7 days from the date that the user ordered. After a successful refund, the system will automatically revoke the related signing certificates and Vp Email Certificate that have been issued to the user.
  2. (2) Hardware products: warranty for one year, after one year, maintenance costs will be charged according to the situation, and after-sales service will be provided for life.
  3. (3) Software products: Free upgrades within one year, upgrade costs will be charged after one year, and after-sales service will be provided for life.

If the user wants to cancel the order and get the payment refund within 7 days after purchasing the charged services, please log in to the MeSign account to cancel the order. The system will automatically notify our Financial Team to process the refund within three working days.

2. The Renewal Policy for MeSign Products and Services:

  1. (1) If users renew the products and services within the validity period, they will enjoy a 20% off discount, and after the expiration, there will be no discount. All services cannot be used after they expires. The email certificate cannot be used after it expires, but the expired certificate can still be used to decrypt previously encrypted emails.
  2. (2) If the Starter Edition and Pro Edition service has not been renewed after the expiry, it will be automatically downgraded to the Free Edition service. Users can still use the free email encryption and signing service provided by the MeSign APP.