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MeSince fully Supports Chinese Algorithm SM2 and SM2 Certificate

Shenzhen, China – April 12, 2019. Today, MeSign Technology Limited released its updated version of MeSince that fully supports Chinese Cryptographic Algorithm SM2 and SM2 certificate.

On December 14, 2018, MeSince released its formal version for global users, its automatic certificate email encryption has won the unanimous approval and welcome. In order to meet the strong demand of Chinese Cryptographic Algorithm SM2 application in Chinese government email and corporate email, MeSince officially released an updated version today, fully supporting the SM2 algorithm and SM2 certificate, and seamless implementation of RSA and SM2 dual certificate autoconfiguration and automatic adaptation of appropriate encryption algorithms and encryption certificates.

This upgrade version of MeSince is the world's first email client that supports the S/MIME international standard and the Chinese standard (GB/T 35275-2017) using the Chinese Cryptographic Algorithm (SM2/SM3/SM4) and SM2 certificate. The APP also provides three versions of Windows, Android and iOS. In order to achieve compatibility with other email client software that only supports RSA certificate encryption, MeSign APP uses a dual certificate adaptive encryption algorithm that if the sender default certificate is a RSA certificate, the RSA encryption algorithm is used; If the default certificate is a SM2 certificate and the recipient has a SM2 certificate, the SM2 encryption algorithm is used. Users are free to choose whether to use only the SM2 algorithm or the RSA algorithm.

MeSince supports Chinese Cryptographic Algorithm SM2, which not only satisfies the requirements of Chinese government email and enterprise email compliance with the Chinese algorithm, but also because the SM2 algorithm has been incorporated into the international standard, the MeSign global users can choose this secure and efficient SM2 algorithm and SM2 certificate that contribute to China's wisdom and provide Chinese solutions for email encryption around the world.