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MeSince Browser released the official version for Windows.

Shenzhen, China – July 29, 2019. Today, MeSign Technology Limited has released the official version of MeSign Browser for Windows.

Since the release of the public beta version of MeSign Browser on March 8, 2019, its innovated SSL certificate user interface and good support for the Chinese Cryptography Algorithm SM2 SSL certificate have been loved and praised by many users. In addition to fixing some bugs found in the public beta, the official version mainly adds the two-way authentication function to support the USB Key certificate and the server name identification technology (SNI) for SM2 SSL certificate.

One of the main technical advantages of the MeSign Browser is that it supports both the RSA SSL certificate and the Chinese Cryptography Algorithm SM2 SSL certificate issued by WoTrus CA. If the website deploys the SM2 SSL certificate and the RSA SSL certificate, MeSign Browser preferentially uses the Chinese Cryptography Algorithm SM2. As shown in the following figure, use MeSign Browser to access the two websites that have deployed the RSA EV SSL certificate and the SM2 V4 SSL certificate. Welcome to download and install the MeSign Browser to experience this effect.

(SM2 V4 SSL Certificate)

(RSA EV SSL Certificate)

Another feature of the MeSign Browser, which is popular with users around the world, is that the SSL certificate at different authentication levels is displayed in the browser address bar clearly to show different user interfaces. But other browsers don’t make this distinguish between DV/IV/OV/EV SSL certificates clearly. As shown below.

RSA EV SSL Certificate:

SM2 V4 SSL Certificate:

RSA OV SSL Certificate:

SM2 V3 SSL Certificate:

RSA IV SSL Certificate:

RSA DV SSL Certificate:

No SSL Certificate website: