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MeSign Technology Grandly Launches Zero Trust Security Solution and Website Revision

Shenzhen, China – May 25, 2021. "Zero Trust" is currently one of the hottest terms in the global cybersecurity community. This is because with the continuous acceleration of digital transformation, emerging technologies and innovative businesses continue to break the original security boundaries of enterprises, and enterprise information security is also facing new challenges. In order to cope with the increasingly complex security situation, Zero Trust has become the key for enterprises to ensure business continuity and deal with uncertainty.

MeSign Technology today grandly launched the Zero Trust security solution. This is not to follow the trend and catch up on the trend. It is because we deeply realize that Zero Trust security is what we have been doing all the time. Our email encryption and digital signature solutions just do follow this security concept that “do not trust cleartext emails and do not trust unencrypted emails”, and out document digital signature and encryption solution is also follow this security concept that “do not trust unsigned document and do not trust unencrypted documents”. And we firmly believe that the best and most reliable technology to solve the trust problem is public key infrastructure (PKI) technology. The goal of any security solution is to protect data security, and PKI encryption technology is the most effective and reliable technology to protect data security.

MeSign Zero Trust security solution is an identity authentication and data encryption solution based on PKI technology. Its core idea is "Never trust, Verify signature, Encrypt all." based on zero trust security concept, providing users with digital signature, encryption and time stamping service to protect data security.

MeSign Technology Zero Trust security solution based on PKI technology and cloud cryptographic services is different from the Zero Trust security solutions of traditional network security vendors. Traditional security vendors still focus on protection and require complex dynamic continuous trust assessment and dynamic adjustment of access permissions, this is because the non-real-name authentication mechanism that does not know who the bad guys are, and can only rely on Sherlock Holmes's continuous screening, which is too inefficient and easy to make mistakes. Our solution is like real-name air travel in the real world, through real-name certification of passengers and airline qualification certification to efficiently ensure the safety of air travel.

According to the definition of cryptography, it refers to the technology, product and service that uses specific transformation methods to encrypt information and user authentication. The use of cryptographic technology to achieve the security of user authentication and information encryption protection can solve the problems that Zero Trust wants to solve, and at the same time, it can also meet users' compliance requirements of related laws and regulations.

At the same time, MeSign official website also released an update version today. This revision highlights our service big data security vision-"Trust because of Encryption", and “Security because of Trust”. This is also one of the directions of the future of network security, it is not difficult to understand why the concept of zero trust security is so popular now.

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