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5 Reasons to Choose MeSign E-mail Encryption Service

Email is a must for personal life and work. The total number of business and consumer emails sent and received per day will exceed 306 billion in 2020 and is forecast to grow to over 361 billion by year-end 2024 according to The Radicati Group. That is over half the world population using email.

But currently email is NOT secure, it is MIME like HTTP in cleartext transmission. Now, all players are promoting and using HTTPS for encrypted transmission. The search for an email encryption solution that suits your organizations’ needs can be a bewildering experience. There are many options available but at the end of the day what you need is a solution that is easy to use, reliable, secure, and cost effective. The best technology is S/MIME, every email must be encrypted using S/MIME for encrypted transmission.

S/MIME is a technology that allows you to encrypt your emails. It also allows you to digitally sign your emails to verify you as the legitimate sender of the email. This can help you identify which emails are authentic and which may have been sent as part of a phishing attack, too. S/MIME is based on asymmetric cryptography that uses a pair of mathematically related keys to operate – a public key and a private key, protecting your emails from unwanted access. It is not possible to figure out the private key based on the public key. Emails are encrypted with the recipient’s public key. The email can only be decrypted with the corresponding private key. Given this, it is not surprising S/MIME is the most used email security protocol today – all popular email clients and servers are compatible right out of the box.

MeSign Technology is based on S/MIME technology, and innovatively solves the encryption key management issues in S/MIME technology, making email encryption and digital signature easy and automatic. There are 5 reasons you should have!

1. Free forever! Not only the mail client software is free, but the automatically configured email certificates are also completely free!

MeSign APP is an email client software, currently available in Windows, Android and Apple iOS versions, and will soon provide Linux versions. It is completely free to use forever. You only need to set up your email account, and then MeSign APP will automatically configure the V1 email certificate for free, and you can automatically send encrypted email and digitally signed email immediately. MeSign Technology completely solves the problem of S/MIME email encryption, so that email encryption is no longer a "patent" played by a few high-tech talents. MeSign APP allows everyone to use email encryption freely, protecting personal privacy and business secrets.

2. Automatically configure the publicly trusted email certificate, completely solve the problem of certificate application and certificate use!

The free email certificate automatically configured by MeSign APP is only trusted by MeSign APP. To satisfy users who want their signed email trusted by other email client, MeSign APP have integrated publicly trusted email certificate application automation. Users just need to purchase a publicly trusted Vp Email Certificate and will get the certificate for use automatically. The difference between applying for an email certificate from other CAs and purchasing the email certificate from MeSign is that there is no manual processing of certificate application, certificate retrieval, certificate installation and certificate configuration. User only need to purchase and pay, then user can use the certificate to send publicly trusted digitally signed email and realize email encryption immediately.

Buying the email certificate is not the purpose of the user, the user’s purpose is to encrypt the email using the certificate. MeSign Technology exclusively solves the problem of fully automatic application and use of the publicly trusted email certificate and realizes publicly trusted email signature and encryption with one click.

3. Let every email have a trusted identity, completely solve the century problem of email fraud!

The free email digital signature service provided by MeSign APP only validates the email address, which can prove that the content of the email has not been illegally tampered with and that the email address is authentic, but it does not validate the authentic identity of the email address owner and does not display the sender’s identity information. To meet the needs of users who want to show their validated trusted identities, users can purchase MeSign Email Signature Service Pro Edition. After completing the identity validation as required, MeSign APP will automatically configure the V2/V3/V4 signing certificate to display the user’s personal identity, organization identity and organization employee identity, so that the recipient can be sure of the sender’s trusted identity at a glance, enhance online trust, and prevent email fraud.

4. The email is already in the cloud and the key must be in hand. Deploy MeSign Enterprise Key Management System to ensure the full control of your email security.

To reduce the cost of email services, the use of cloud email services is a trend, which not only saves operation and maintenance costs, but is also more reliable and usable. However, it is necessary to solve the security problem that the email content management may get out of control when the email is no longer in the own mail server after the email is moved to the cloud. The only solution is to encrypt all emails and store them in the cloud in ciphertext.

Deploying MeSign Enterprise Key Management System is to let the decryption key of the ciphertext of the email be in the hands, realize the email is in the cloud and the key is in the hand, and truly control the entire email security.

5. Email encryption has become a rigid need, and the email security gateway must also be able to process encrypted emails!

If your organization has deployed a mail security gateway, MeSign have two good solutions to help you to solve the problem that the mail gateway cannot handle the encrypted email. If your organization hasn’t deployed email gateway and it is difficult for your organization to uniformly replace the email client software to MeSign APP, we also have a mail gateway solution, so that you can realize full email encryption and decryption without changing the email client.

Now that the emails have been moved to the cloud, if you need to ensure the full security of the emails, you must be able to automatically encrypt and decrypt the emails throughout the entire process. MeSign Email Gateway can help you!

In summary, MeSign Technology is committed to providing professional and innovative solutions for email encryption and is willing to share the established MeSign Cryptography Infrastructure to help users easily implement email encryption and digital signatures. Please refer to the review "About Us"-"How did we do It?". And also refer to the page "Email digital signature and encryption and automation solution".