Professional Global Trusted Email Encryption
and Digital Signature Service – Pro Edition

  • Download and install MeSign APP, buy Pro Edition service
  • Automatic configuration of publicly trusted email certificate and signing certificate with identity information
  • Global trusted in the email digital signature, identity authenticity, preventing email identity fraud
  • Fully automatic email encryption, global trusted, preventing email content leak

Buy Now Personal Pro US$19.99 or Business Pro US$199.90

How to prevent important email content from being illegally stolen and illegally tampered with?
How to prevent employees being frauded by clicking the malicious links in email by mistake even encountering ransomware?
How to build online trust with your foreign customers when you communicate just by email in international trade?
There is only one answer: To make every email has a global trusted identity and encrypted! To show your trusted identity by using the global trusted digital signature with your identity information when the recipients receive your email. To encrypt each email to ensure the content of the email will not be illegally stolen or tampered with, all emails remain encrypted in transit and at rest on mail server.

MeSign App UI

Outlook UI

Buy Personal Pro now US$19.99/year, automatically configure one Personal Identity Certificate with personal identity information and one publicly trusted Vp Email Certificate for global trusted email communication encryption.

Buy Business Pro now US$199.90/year, which automatically configures publicly trusted Vp Email Certificate for 10 employees, it can be used for external email communication encryption between employee, customers and partners. At the same time, MeSign APP will automatically configure unlimited quantity Organization Email Certificate with organization identity information and encrypting certificate for all employees, and Organization Employee Certificate for 10 employees with employee name, title and organization name, it can be used for internal email communication encryption between employees and certify employee’s real identity.

Learn more about the Pro service, Vp Email Certificate and Organization Employee Certificate.

Encrypting Certificate

Organization Email Certificate

Vp Email Certificate

Vp Email Certificate Chain

Organization Employee Certificate

MeSign APP UI display employee name, title and organization name.
Please note: The Business Pro Edition service is charged based on the number of email addresses that use MeSign email encryption service. The Pro Edition service package includes 10 employee email addresses for the employee professional service, which is manually assigned to employees by the organization account administrator or set to be automatically assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Each employee will automatically configure a publicly trusted Vp Email Certificate and an Organization Employee Certificate to achieve global trusted digital signature of email and authenticity of identity. If the organization has more than 10 employees, welcome to purchase the encryption pro service for employees with more employee email address when placing an order.