Publicly Trusted Email Encryption Service
– Starter Edition

  • Download and install MeSign APP
  • Buy Starter Edition email encryption service
  • Wait 2 minutes, auto-configure publicly trusted email certificate
  • Start to send publicly trusted signed email now!

Buy Now US$14.99

If you have already applied publicly trusted email certificate, you should know how difficult it is!
The Free Edition service auto-configure email certificate for free, but it is trusted by MeSign APP only. Now, you can buy the Starter Edition service to auto-configure publicly trusted email certificate.

Currently, to implement S/MIME email encryption, you need to:

  • Step 1 Download and install email client software
  • Step 2 Setup your email account
  • Step 3 Buy ($) the publicly trusted email certificates from a CA
  • Step 4 Waiting for CA issuing certificate
  • Step 5 Collect, install and configure the issued certificates
  • Step 6 The email receiver also must have email certificate
  • Step 7 Exchange the public key with the receiver
  • Step 8 Send the encrypted email
It is too complicated to send an encrypted email,
a very hard work for non-professionals!

Now, if you use MeSign email encryption solution, you just need to:

  • Step 1 Download and install email client software – MeSign APP
  • Step 2 Setup your email account
  • Step 3 Buy ($) the Starter Edition service
  • (MeSign APP do the 4-5-6-7)coffee
  • Step 8 Send the publicly trusted signed and encrypted email
It is so easy. Anyone can do it.

Buy Starter Edition now, US$14.99/year, download and install MeSign APP, automatically configure the publicly trusted Vp Email Certificate, and automatically send the globally trusted digital signature and encrypted email!

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MeSign Starter Edition service is the first in the world to realize fully automatic configuration of publicly trusted email certificate, fully automatic email encryption, and fully automatic global trusted digital signature including email timestamp services, to meet the email encryption and regulation compliance requirements.

Using MeSign APP to send encrypted emails is as easy as sending cleartext emails with other email clients!

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