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MeSignDoc Digital Signature Service Eight Innovative Features

  • Local e-signature tool

    MeSign App, an encrypted email client, also a local e-signature tool, allows users to directly complete document digital signatures on their own computers, which can meet user requirements for document digital signature applications, such as document signing, contract signing, and office approval signature. Users do not need to upload documents to be signed to any e-signature service platform, nor do they need to apply for a PDF signing certificate from CA.

  • Global trusted e-signature

    The authentic identity of each signer will be validated by trusted third-party CA in accordance with international standards and MeSign CPS. Not only is the identity of the signer trusted, but also each PDF signing certificate used for digital signatures contains signer identity information is trusted globally by Adobe.

  • Signing behavior is Non-repudiation

    Users need to explicitly agree to sign when using the E-sign function of MeSign App to sign documents and contracts, ensures the signing behavior is auditable. Document signing and contract signing use digital certificate signature technology and timestamp signature technology to ensure that the consent to signing behavior is non-repudiation.

  • Global legal effect

    Signed contracts and documents are digitally signed using Adobe global trusted digital certificates. According to the electronic signature laws and regulations of countries around the world, the e-contracts and e-documents signed by MeSign eSigning Service have legal effect in the world. At the same time, MeSign App will automatically add the signing reason into the signed document clearly indicates that the document digital signature complies with the relevant laws and regulations and has the same legal effect as the handwritten signature of the paper document.

  • Protection on privacy and confidentiality

    Use MeSign App to sign e-contracts and sign e-documents, we do not submit the files to be signed to the cloud e-signing platform, all e-signing operation is done locally in MeSign App on the user's computer, effectively protecting the personal privacy and business secret in the contracts and documents, unlike other e-signature platforms that require users upload original contract file to their e-signature platform. Similarly, we do not provide contract management and contract archiving services to protect the user’s privacy and secret in the contract. The signed contracts and documents are managed by user in local computer, ensuring that we do not have the contract files and document file.

  • Read and digital signature validated

    The user has completed the e-signature verification when opening the signed PDF file for reading with Adobe Reader, and the first line of Adobe Reader will display "Signed and all signatures are valid" (contract signing and office approval) or display the identity of the signer (document signing), greatly facilitates all relevant parties (document user, contract signer and relying party) to directly verify whether the signature is valid. Unlike other e-signature service providers that require user upload signed contract to a verification system to verify the signature to get a verification report. Our solution is not only for the convenience of users, but also for the protection of user’s contract and document secret that it is impossible to disclose to the e-signature platform.

  • Watermark anti-leakage protection

    When signing, users can choose whether to add their own email address as a watermark, which can be used as an anti-screenshot, anti-photograph and anti-PS protection, which can effectively prevent the leakage of confidential information and reduce the risk of leakage of confidential information. This protection measure is more secure than traditional paper document signatures. Watermark protection can also be selected for encrypted documents to prevent illegal screenshots and photos from being leaked.

  • Automatic configuration of signing certificate

    Digital signature technology is used to sign PDF files, but users do not need to apply for a PDF signing certificate from CA. They only need to use the MeSign App to automatically complete the digital signature of contracts and documents. MeSign App will automatically configure a signing certificate for each user for digital signature. The signed documents and contracts are countersigned with Adobe trusted timestamp signature, proving the signing time credibility of each contract and document signature, and supporting Adobe LTV (Long Term Validity) to ensure that the signature of the signed contracts and documents are still valid for a long time even if the signing certificate expires.