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The Introduction to MeSign Document D-signature Service

MeSign Document D-signature Service is a charged value-added service provided by MeSign APP, allowing users to independently complete document digital signature and encryption using MeSign APP without relying on the electronic signature service platform. The most important thing is that users don’t need to spend time and money to apply for a PDF signing certificate from CA and manage this certificate, directly use MeSign APP to complete the PDF document digital signature and encryption on the user’s own computer, all signed PDF documents is Adobe global trust.

Document D-signature Service provides the following 11 services and functions:

  1. Auto-configure Adobe global trusted PDF signing certificate.
  2. Use MeSign APP to digitally sign an unlimited numbers of PDF documents.
  3. Signed documents can be opened and automatically validated by Adobe Reader, which will show the “Signature is valid” and users do not need to validate the signature on another signature verification platform additionally.
  4. Auto-generate the trusted e-Seal or e-Signature used for document stamping or signature, there are one e-signature for individual and six e-seals/e-signature for organization, and there is no limit on the number of the employees who can be authorized to using the e-Seals or e-Signature. In addition, the e-Seal administrator can authorize or unauthorize the employees to use the e-Seal or e-Signature by logging into MeSign account at any time.
  5. Adopt certifying signature to achieve document signature. After the document has been signed, the document will be locked automatically. Open it by Adobe Reader will show the identity information of the signer at the top of the Adobe Reader.
  6. Support multiple signatures for one document, the second and the following signature all adopt approval signature to achieve signature.
  7. Every signed document supports LTV (Long Term Validation) feature, to ensure the signature of the document is validated for a long time even the signing certificate is expired.
  8. Every signed document will have a timestamp signature automatically, and the timestamp signature is Adobe global trusted.
  9. Support co-signing function, allowing multiple organizations achieve co-signing by co-signing process. Co-signing process control is same to the contract signing process control.
  10. Users can select whether to encrypt this document when signing it, they only need to select the authorized reader from the contacts, and MeSign APP will automatically obtain the public keys of the encrypting certificate to encrypt the document. Therefore, only the authorized users can read this encrypted document seamlessly.
  11. MeSign APP provides the log of the document signing, and users can check the e-seal or e-signature usage by logging into their MeSign account.

MeSign Document D-signature Service is charged annually, and there is no limit to the number of document signatures and the number of employees authorized to use the document signature service. If the employee has completed the employee identity validation, they can also use the document digital signature service, which can be used for the approval signature of internal OA documents and other document signatures.

The fee can unconditionally 100% be refunded within one week after purchasing the Document D-signature service. Simply log into MeSign website to cancel the order to complete the refund application, and the refund will be returned within three working days.