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The Introduction to MeSign Contract E-signature Service

MeSign Contract E-signature Service is a charged value-added service provided by MeSign App, which allows users to use MeSign App to complete electronic contract signing independently without relying on the electronic contract signing service platform. Not only that, but more importantly, in order to protect the confidential information security of the original contract, there is no need to post the original contract file to a third-party e-signature service. The user uses MeSign App to initiate contract signing and complete the contract on the user’s own computer. The signed contract has legal effect worldwide.

Contract E-signature Service provide the following 14 services and functions:

  1. Auto-configure Adobe global trusted PDF signing certificate.
  2. Auto-generate the trusted e-Seal or e-Signature used for document stamping or signature, there are one e-signature for individual and six e-seals / e-signature for organization, and there is no limit on the number of the employees who can be authorized to using the e-Seals or e-Signature. In addition, the e-Seal administrator can authorize or unauthorize the employees to use the e-Seal or e-Signature by logging into MeSign account at any time.
  3. Use MeSign App to initiate unlimited contract signing.
  4. The signing behavior confirmation and agree-to-sign process control service, and the user need to enter the agree-to-sign password every time they agree to sign the contract.
  5. The contract initiator is responsible for setting up the position of the e-Seal or e-Signature for each signer.
  6. The contract signing process is transferred by encrypted email.
  7. The identity validation service of every contract signatory.
  8. The agree-to-sign process control and the contract signing process.
  9. All the contract signatories keep the copy of the signed documents with watermark to avoid being leaked by screenshots and photographs.
  10. Auto-apply the PDF signing certificate for all contract signatories.
  11. Auto-generate the trusted e-seals and e-signature for all contract signatories for free.
  12. Adobe global trusted timestamping service for Contract E-signature service.
  13. Send the copies of the signed documents to all contract signatories after completing the contract signing.
  14. Generate the audit report of the contract signing process after finishing the signing and MeSign App provides log service of the contract signing and the usage of the e-seal and e-signature.

The Contract E-signature Service is charged annually, and there is no limit to the number of initiating contracts signing and signing contracts, and no limit the number of employees authorized to use the e-signature service. And provides users with the entire contract signing process control and other supporting services. Since each contract signer needs to complete identity validation, the cost of identity validation is borne by the contract initiator in accordance with international practices. Therefore, when users purchase the MeSign Contract E-signature Service, they should also purchase the Signer Identity Validation service.

The service fee can be refunded 100% unconditionally within one week after purchasing the Contract E-signature service. Simply log on to MeSign website to cancel the order to complete the refund application, and the refund will be returned within three working days.