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MeSign Cryptography as a Service

1. Preliminary understanding of MeSign Cryptography as a Service

MeSign Cryptography as a Service (CaaS) is an innovated cryptographic capability delivery model, which is a deep integration of cloud computing technology and cryptographic technologies such as identity authentication, data encryption, digital signature, and timestamping. Cryptographic as a Service integrates cryptographic products, cryptographic usage policies, cryptographic service interfaces and service processes in accordance with the requirements of cloud computing technology architecture, and combines cryptographic system design, deployment, operation and maintenance, management, and billing into one service to satisfy users' cryptographic application requirements. Users no longer need to "purchase" cryptographic hardware or cryptographic systems and other cryptographic products, but use the cryptographic functions provided in the cloud cryptographic infrastructure in the form of "rental" cryptographic services. MeSign Cryptography as a Service has ten features such as on-demand service, out-of-the-box, fast integration, flexible expansion, ease of use, lower cost, standardized use, global compliance, stronger applicability, and secure operation and maintenance, which can meet all cryptographic application requirements such as data encryption protection (certificate encryption), trusted data identity (digital signature), trusted data produce and use time (time stamping), and trusted data produce and use location information (location stamping).

MeSign Cryptography as a Service provides cryptographic services for users in the form of SDK or API. User’s business system only needs to input "unidentified cleartext data" into the SDK, and the SDK connects to MeSign cryptographic infrastructure to complete the corresponding cryptographic service, and output “encrypted data with identity" to the business system. Instead of providing cloud HSM, cloud key management and other cryptographic equipment "rental" services like other cloud service providers, these "rental" services still require users to be very familiar with cryptographic technology and have the cryptographic program ability, the rapid integration and out-of-the-box cannot be achieved.

MeSign cryptographic infrastructure

2. Learn more about MeSign Cryptography as a Service

MeSign Cryptography as a Service provides users with CA certificate issuing service, key management service, identity validation service, public key exchange service, long-term validation service of document signature, digital signature service, encryption service, time stamping service, location stamping service, email encryption and digital signature services, document digital signature and encryption services, and other cryptographic services. Users can purchase the required services according to their business needs, which can be a single service or a combination of multiple services. For example, document signature services are generally required digital signature service and time stamping service.

Currently, MeSign Cryptography as a Service provides the following 6 services:

  1. (1) PDF file digital signature and encryption services
  2. (2) Data & files encryption and digital signature services
  3. (3) Data & files time stamping services
  4. (4) Data & files location stamping services
  5. (5) Email encryption and digital signature services
  6. (6) Unified identity authentication service

Why we separate the digital signature and encryption of PDF files from the digital signature and encryption of other format files? Because PDF format file have digital signature standard, but most other format files don’t have. PDF documents are currently the most widely used document format, and commonly used documents and electronic contracts are all PDF files. The commonly used e-signature services are also based on the PDF format file to realize the digital signature.

There is no unified digital signature and encryption standard for files in other formats except PDF files, therefore, we innovatively adopt the S/MIME digital envelope technology standard to achieve digital signature and encryption of all format files, because the S/MIME protocol supports all format files.

Please note: MeSign Cryptography as a Service does not provide Windows software code signing services for the time being. If you use our Cryptography as a Service to implement the digital signature and encryption of these code files, it can only be used to protect the security of such files, but it can’t be used to validate the code signature by Windows OS.

3. Cryptography service local privatization deployment

For government agencies and large enterprises that require cryptography services, if MeSign cryptography services cannot meet the application needs, or need to fully control the key management, MeSign Technology also provide the same cryptography infrastructure customized version for privatized deployment.

MeSign cryptography infrastructure has 7 modules. Users can choose to deploy one or more necessary modules according to their own business needs or customize the functions for a module. MeSign Technology R & D team has 15 years of research and development experience of PKI technology, CA operation experience in accordance with international standards, we can meet user’s customization needs of cryptography infrastructure, please contact us.