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Data & files location stamping service

The "location stamping" service is a new term derived from MeSign Technology applying the "time stamping" service, that is, the digital signature of the user's location information is attached to the digital signature of the data or filet to prove that the user's location information is trusted, unchangeable and non-repudiation. The location stamping service can also be attributed to a location based service (LBS).

Some application scenarios need to obtain the user's location information. The traditional way of this location information is to directly upload the user's location information to the location service cloud server to provide users with relevant location-based services, such as navigation, rescue, community services, etc. However, this method has security risk: whether the user's location information data on the server will be abused, whether it is possible to leak the user's location privacy information, this cannot be reliably guaranteed.

MeSign location stamping service can well solve this privacy leakage problem. The user’s location information is attached to the data or file in ciphertext using digital signature and encryption technology, and it does not need to be submitted to the cloud database of the service provider. Send it to the receiver together with the signed data or file. The receiver validates the digital signature information and decrypts the location information to get the user's location information, which not only effectively protects the user's location privacy from being obtained by irrelevant parties, but also guarantees the location information has not been illegally tampered with and non-repudiation, it is a trusted user location information.